Monday, December 24, 2012

5 Most Influential Political People of 2012

#5 Mohamed Morsi (Egyptian President)

By far this is probably the most different of the people on this list but his actions are no less influential. Coming off a recent violent revolution, he is put in an important situation. He has the influential position of trying to rebuild a whole nation. As well as controlling the biggest shipping canal in the world.

#4 Kim Jong Un (North Korean Leader)

This award would have gone to his father had his father been... well alive.  Anyways, the inheritance to the leader of North Korea almost automatically gets a mention here being that it is such a controversial country. So, why is he here? Well, being that he governs one of the possibly most hostile nations in the world, he is pretty influential.

#3 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian President)

Again, more infamous than famous, because of the Iranian missile crisis, his every move is extremely important. Also very watched, he basically defines foreign policy for many major nations. Meaning the dealing with the Iran situation is a huge part of foreign policy for many major countries. Also, if he is producing nukes, that will certainly change the world because he has already made the threat of nuking Israel. That would certainly be influential. Even if it's not for the better.

#2 Hu Jintao (Chinese President)

Being that China is possibly the biggest influence on the global economy, his actions couldn't have more influence. China has pretty much blackmailing material for every country, like when Japan detained a Chinese captain. China just put in an embargo, and Japan returned the captain immediately. That is the power of China, and the leader heads this power.

#1 Barack Obama (American President)

Recently elected, he has the duty of guiding America which is certainly no small task. America, like China has huge effect on the global economy. The other huge effect is on the global energy state. If you look back at almost all of the alternative energy sources, they have a major footing in America, and most are almost only available in the United States, so his actions could decide the future of alternative energy for a long time to come.

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