Sunday, December 30, 2012

3D Television-The Next Step in Home Entertainment


I've mentioned before in articles that 3D televisions are a giant step in entertainment. When movies began to be viewed on TV, it was hugely successful to say the least. Since entertainment is all about communication, movies on the TV hit the spot. But now the latest trickle down from movie theaters is coming into the home. Three-dimensional visual information, otherwise known as 3D, is the use of special glasses to make imagery look 3-Dimensional. The actual idea of just 3D in TVs is in itself possibly a colossal change for all humans. Picture this, originally, before television, people could not process all the information we do now as easily as we do, thus advancing our brain's screen processing capabilities. For some people, 3D is difficult to watch because it hurts their eyes, but in a few decades, people might not have that issue at all. That is pretty awesome.  

The awesomeness doesn't stop there though, the next advancement after is even cooler. Holograms are supposedly the next stage after 3D. Holograms just change everything  Ads, TV, movies, etc. But that's an article for another day... Anyways, 3D could also become like flat-screen, which is now a rather common sight in an average home. So, regardless, 3D television could change the way we entertain ourselves forever.

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