Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Martian Dilemma

Not to long ago, the Martian probe Curiosity found yet another sign that life could have existed on Mars. Even less than 1,000 years ago. The question is that if we discover life, what do we do next? What could happen? What will?

Firstly, what we should do. Hand it over to scientists that aren't effected by the government. But before I go off on a corruption rant, here's an example of why. When the Atomic Bomb was created, the theory of nuclear power was discovered by Albert Einstein. It had the potential to power the world and eliminate the oil problem. However, when politics became involved, it was used for highly destructive purposes. If we hand it over to top scientists from multiple countries, that eliminates the problem.

A lot could happen, and there are a ton of variables. In the very unlikely case that the life is new and has something new that could contribute to technology or science, then it would be very possible that it ends up like the colonial age where advanced countries fight to control the areas where the new life is abundant. Hopefully we've moved past that dark age. If the life is already discovered, then populating the new planet becomes a possibility that will lead to a possible second space race, but that would be difficult considering only one country has ever put a man on the moon, but still possible. What should happen, however is the planet should be equally distributed randomly on the planet.

In conclusion, the probability is unknown , it is a completely new idea, and people back in the 1790s probably could not have predicted the colonization of the 1800s and early 1900s. The same way now, it is difficult and dangerous to make a prediction now.

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