Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review-Sanyo Zio

Sanyo is a smaller maker of phones that has been struggling to produce substantial sales, so it may have made it's last phone, and since I was able to get one, I thought I should review it. I've had one for two years, and here's my full report: The Sanyo Zio's first impression is good because it's it's free with a 2 year contract, so it won't break the bank, but it still has the cool of being unique. When I first got it, I was genuinely impressed by the styling, it was sleek and well designed. It had some good curves and the rounded edges make it easy to hold. The last thing is the light up touch buttons which is very cool.

As far as processing power, you get a a lot. It may not be very quick, but everything from the Android market should work on this phone, so getting apps isn't an issue. The other cool feature is that it automatically switches fromn 3G (yes, it's only 3G) to wifi and vice versa based on availability. It has limited customization, five screens for apps and shortcuts. The major part of customizing is the Sprint iD which unlocks tons of apps and wallpapers, although it is a bit difficult to use. It is a strong phone, so it can withstand water (within reason), droppings, and pretty much anything else (better with a case).

The minor bugs include when there are notifications of sprint app deals, but it will always lead to the home screen, so that gets annoying, the other major thing which seems to be a problem with many phones is that if you get an email notifications it will appear as both a Gmail app and email app notification for the same emails, although that can be fixed. The finall minor issue I encountered was the lower volume button getting increasing the dificult to

Some tips: get a screen protector because the screen by itself is fragile. A case is not necessary  although you couldn't find one anyway. It would also be good to not mess with the extremities, because they will fall off. So, the Sanyo Zio is overall a solid phone that proves that there still is a place for smaller phone makers in today's market.     

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