Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And then there was none, the world after gasoline.

Gasoline is one of the most controversial substances that is used on a daily basis. It is projected that within the next 20 years, however, it will have run out. and there will be none left on planet Earth. So after that happens, what happens? Well lets look at the possibilities.

The cool parts about when gas leaves the energy scene is that theoretically, the price of everything should go down. Because the main cause of inflation is rising gas prices, so then in theory that increase should be deducted from all the products. This might seem far-fetched considering that if it does cost less and retailers have the opportunity to increase their profit margins, it would seems unlikely that they would turn that down. However, through competition, it my happen. Consider this: because retailers have more wiggle room to lower their prices, small businesses might lower because they are less profit driven, and to stay competitive, bigger retailer like Walmart and Kmart might need to lower their prices. Even without small businesses  bigger companies might compete with each other; kind of like how they competed to be the earliest opener on Black Friday, even though they opened at ridiculous hours. Again, as mentioned in previous articles, the alternative will have its own pros and cons, but mainly, they are all cleaner.

Some other effects that would be more conspicuous, the oil industry would be jumbled around. They might branch out and try different alternatives, they might all switch to one alternative. Regardless, it will be a pivotal moment in all of the oil companies' life. Finally, as a side note, there is a possibility that it won't happen. Some scientist are attempting to find a way to artificially create fossil fuels. Alchemy? Good idea? Only time will tell. The more probable idea is to take the materials for fossil fuels and put it underground and hopefully aid someone millions of years from now.

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