Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alternative Energy-Electricity

Pros: Electricity is by far the most recognized of all the alternative energy sources and fully electric cars have already hit the market and had decent sales. There are also charging points that have been set up internationally, so the monetary problem is lessened. Being that it has been highly publicized as the most likely improvement for gasoline in cars, the technology has already been developed and thought out. Like in NYC who will introduce cab with the potential to be produced fully electric. A plus of the charging system is that it is small and can be placed almost anywhere and takes up very little space. It can also be plugged in  anywhere, which makes it more convenient than waiting in line for gas.

Cons: The main issue is if there is a blackout, then there is no place to recharge emergency vehicles like ambulances and firetrucks which may be crucial in crisis situations. There can also be dangerous electrical surges that could seriously injure someone or fry their car which becomes a lawsuit that could create a huge mess. The other major problem is where the electricity comes from, massive amounts of electricity are produced with nuclear power, which is not clean energy, so in the end it might not be so clean after all. 

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