Sunday, December 23, 2012

5 Most Influential Non-Political People of 2012

#5: Terry Mcdermott (The Voice)

While it might not seem to big, Terry Mcdermott was the first contestant on American Television to sing the Beatles on the show. (Him Singing) While this isn't insanely influential, it means the rights to sing their song on television are fair game, and considering they're some of the most influential people of all time I felt this guy deserved a mention. Also, he has created quite a buzz and has sold huge amounts of singles and might bring back classic rock according to many.

#4: Psy (Gangnam style)

While it may seem quite silly, there is an importance to his achievements  It has really showcased the power of the internet. The first Youtube video with 1,000,000,000 views, it is also the most watched video on Youtube. Still not convinced? Well consider this. He has sent a message that has been viewed 1 billion times. Take any important document or idea and give it 1 billion views. That can change the world. Consider giving  documents like The Communist Manifesto or Conspicuous Consumption one billion views. That can truly change everything.

#3: LGBTQ Rights leaders

While there isn't just one that I can pick out, anyone pretty much fits the reason for these people getting #3. LGBTQ is a huge issue, it is like the civil rights movement of this generation. It has been part of civilization since the beginning of civilization (most likely). It also gains influentiality because it goes against religion. While not necessarily a good thing, it does shake the roots of society. It also has become a huge part of television and is a big part of many big shows currently running. The last part is that it further creates debate in religion, does homosexuality agree with the ideals of the bible, or do the two clash? Needless to say, the leaders of this movement are very influential.

#2: Chuck Hall

Never heard of him? You're not alone, but very soon his name could become known across the world as possibly the biggest inventor of all time. He invented the 3-d printer. (More on 3-D Printing) The possibilities of that are immense and will probably be fully explored within the next 20 years, so not only will it be huge, but it will be huge very soon.

#1 Larry Page/Sergey Brin

The co-founders of Google, they already own the most viewed website in history, and the biggest website sharing website of all time as well. However this year, they made a huge leap in futher becoming part of everyday life. Android sales are up seriously, and they are gaining a big following. They also now own Motorola, and even though it isn't a very popular cell provider, it has potential. And if that wasn't enough, they introduced Google Wallet, which means Google can know your buying info, and possibly sell it to companies. That is pretty scary, but it is also revolutionary, because that changes everything for retailers, because they know alot more about what you want and like, so they can strategically purchase and place items by trends in communities near stores. Because of these contributions these two are my most influential people of 2012.

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