Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3D Printing Revisit-Part 1


In October, I did an article on possibly the most promising new invention since the personal computer. Now, since the technology has been explored in more depth, there are new things that are being created with a 3D printer, and thus new debate. The first is shoes. Shoes are a big part of society for many people and make up a colossal part of the clothing industry. But consider if it could be made at home. Brand new sneakers just like the most expensive one on the shelves. Or custom ones, and start a line out of the basement. Not only that, but it can produce lighter, racing shoes for events like the Olympics  That changes a lot. But the flip side, as is often the general discussion about the fact that a home factory will basically put many companies out of business. This has its ups and downs, because it dramatically lowers the cost of living for everyone, and that is immensely beneficial. On the flip side though, it kills some manufacturers, for example, shoe manufacturers. However, with the amount of 3D printers people would buy, the jobs could just show up in selling the printers!

The 3D printed handgun is a big issue. Considering recent events, it's already been proven that gun control is an issue, but being able to produce one's own guns is a bit scary, and it has managed to be made in the past. But there could be some kind of mandatory parental controls that the manufacturer could install to protect against gun creation. And regardless, it would require gunpowder and bullets to become deadly, so people in theory could not get access to a deadly gun unless they were supposed to. To be continued... 

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