Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 Most Important Discoveries of 2012

5. Paedophryne amauensis

On January 12th Scientists discovered the smallest vertebrate in the world. while not useful for human use, it is important to know about.

4.  Spidersilk

On January 4th, scientists create genetically engineered silkworms that create super-strong spidersilk. The created substance is stronger than steel, but is also as light as regular silk. The uses for this are immense, because it could help build stronger buildings, lighter, more fuel efficient cars, and many more possibilities  Also, it marks a big step in genetic engineering possibilities, it could be used on other small animals to create more efficient materials like spidersilk in the future.

3. Honey Bee Parasite

While it doesn't have a name, its discovery could save a possibly future endangered species. Since Honey Bees have been dying out and the cause has been a mystery, but the answer could lie in this unnamed parasite. If it is the cause of the dying of the honey bees, it could potentially save a species, even if it does mean killing another....

2. CCTV 

China launched the World's first commercial 3DTV channel (CCTV). 3D is the future of the television, so this is a big step, possibly the next big step in home entertainment. Eventually, this could lead to hologram television movies, which has huge potential for every part of everyday life.

1. Longevity gene

Discovered on November 13th, scientists discovered a longevity gene that made a small water-born organism virtually immortal and that could eventually trickle down to humans. It doesn't require much explanation to show how that is an interesting discovery, but because of the mega possibilities of this, it gets the honor of 2012's most important discovery. (Longevity gene pictured above).

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