Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Series! (Alternative energy-Hydrogen)

This new series is going to focus on different types of alternative energy that would replace gasoline for cars, It will point out pros and cons of each one and you can decide for yourself which you think should be the replacement (and feel free to post it in the comment section!) Anyway, without further a due here is iExellence's first series:


Pros: The potential for this is huge considering that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the known Universe so immediately the first pro is that it basically cannot run out. Another pro coming out of that fact is that it makes so the energy is available to all countries and is not specific to the countries that were fortunate enough to have oil on their lands. That is major because it means that all the third world countries would have access to abundant energy and that could be a huge boost for struggling or developing nations. Additionally, because of the process in which the fuel cell that creates the power works, the byproducts are only heat and water. Hydrogen is also the lightest element, which would help cars be faster and have better braking distances. The process by which the car would be refueled could also be dramatically revolutionized as ideas like filling stations in personal garages or even in the car itself, so you could be filling the car with tap water.

Cons: The fist is that it would most likely be hugely expensive, and even though there are a small amount of hydrogen filling stations in the world, those aren't nearly enough to power the world if if we were to make the switch. Hydrogen is also highly explosive, so having it in your car or at home in a generator could be seriously dangerous (although so is gasoline). Also, hydrogen is a pain to store because it's a gas and wants to spread out. 

To learn more about hydrogen power: Click here       

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