Thursday, January 3, 2013

3D Printing-Part 2

(Chuck Hull, 3D printer inventor)

(Continuation of Part 1) Continuing the vein of products that can be produced from a 3D printer is lab, spec material. This is just another revolutionary part about the 3D printer, it speeds up experiments, thus speeding up new research. Speeding up research has immense potential, but on top of that just having that lowers the cost of research, because it eliminates many of the shipping costs that would otherwise come in the way. Not only in the research field of science, but in the medical field as well. Jaw implants were recently produced and thus making it possible for places like emergency rooms to provide a more comprehensible immediate care program.

And on the entertainment side of the 3D printer, parents or children can print toys on demand. pretty cool for families who spend thousands of dollars a year on toys. Also, for those old fashioned photo booths that are becoming.... well old fashioned, the 3D printer has a remedy. You can create 3D images of yourself as an attraction.

Finally to wrap up the issue of manufacturing, my suggestion for what companies can do is produce printer templates, but with specialties, like if toy companies produced chips that would have toy templates that people could use to create their favorite toys. And same with other companies. It was probably true that when factories were created, people said that it would kill manufacturing, but now, we take the next step and give manufacturing power back to the individual.

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