Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nokia Lumia-A step too far in the other direction

The Nokia Lumia is often quoted as the best phone currently on the market, and yet, it's sales don't match that sentiment. The problem may be that the Lumia is too much of a good thing. When many things are invented, the purpose is to make life easier, however there are minor mostly sentimental drawbacks. Like how some people are against electronic books because they don't have the real feel of a physical book. Even though they are usually cheaper and easier to transport. It may be that the Lumia is too far in the direction of being too convenient.

Back in the days of when people waited for letters to communicate, there was a sense of suspense and waiting. However that sense of waiting is largely gone now as we can pretty much get at the things we want as soon as we want to. However, with something like the Lumia, which would completely eliminate the feeling of waiting save purchases that get shipped or need to be saved up for. With things like notifications and emails all right there, it saves the minor wait of looking up the notifications that you have. However, now with the Nokia, everything is right there, so there's no wait. Plus it tells you what they are as well.

The massive amount of customization options would also be intimidating to buyers. The whole phone can practically be changed, so some might find that too much. However it does make sense that this phone is so critically aclaimed, because it does technically make life easier, so it it technically the best phone because of that. Matched with connecting to Xbox and the amazing styling, and you've got a pretty good phone.

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